The Saving Expert features Discount Dragon

Did you know you could be saving up to 40% on your shop? A little known website based in Leigh, near Manchester is taking the Internet by storm as it strives to help households save £££’s on their weekly shopping bills.

We didn’t believe the hype, so we check it out. We gave our mystery family £50 to spend at a leading High Street Supermarket, and then we asked them to buy exactly the same items, same brands, same sizes, no home brands, no smaller boxes, at Discount Dragon.

We were astounded when the results came in…

A saving of £17.88, that’s a whopping 34% on exactly the same products. What’s more Discount Dragon delivered to our families home for free via tracked Royal Mail delivery. (Spend £20 for free delivery).

Imagine if you saved 34% off your weekly shop. For most families this type of saving would make a meaningful difference to their lives.

So how do they do it? We asked Discount Dragon’s CEO: 

We know families are looking for savings, especially now with the cost of living crisis upon us. At Discount Dragon we find suppliers that have around three months left on their Best Before Date, they’re worried about being stuck with the product so we can negotiate much harder on the buying, passing the savings directly on to the families who need it. We know our families will eat these products before the Best Before Date, so they get a bargain on exactly the same products. No need to buy own brands, they can buy the brands they love, just at a lower price”. 

This makes total sense, a massive saving just by shopping smarter. We checked with the Government Food Agency about Best Before Dates. Interestingly they say, it’s important to remember Best Before is not about food safety – This is a USE BY date. All a Best Before Date means is that the quality may deteriorate past this date, it’s still perfectly safe to eat, and if you eat the stuff within the normal three month date then it’s no different in terms of quality to that which you buy in the Supermarkets.