Our Brands

Out of this world

Every kid loves the universe at night, now they can enjoy this in the comfort of their own room. Create the amazing Aurora Borealis in the comfort of your own home with the Lunar Lantern. Offering a complete range of additional products from Moon Lamps to night lights we are able to deliver a trending product not only with a quality product, but also fully branded, thus giving greater consumer satisfaction and allowing us to improve margins.

Pour the perfect
pint at home

Ever wished you could have a perfect pint at home. A nice chilled larger from a pump, a cask ale with a decent head? Well now you can with Beer Monster you can choose from our range of home beer dispensers, each one delivering the perfect pint. Once you’ve bought the machine you can either join our subscription club getting new beers delivered every week, or month, or simply buy as go, the choice is yours. Choose from a vast range of different beers including favourites such as Carlsberg, Moretti, Black Sheep and many more. It really is like having your own home pub, without the cost.

Stylish, comfortable, reusable

Rising to the demands for facemasks our team quickly sourced a range of high-quality Silver-Ion masks. Designing both the brand and the designs Pacamask was quickly able to establish itself as a strong market leader in the sector, able to charge a premium price for a ‘branded’ product. Additions to the range were quickly added, including sanitising spray, gels, mask cases and mask chains.

Everything upto
70% off

We are always being offered deals on products, and sometimes some of our trials don’t work. If they don’t then we simply put them on to our KwikSales site – discount the product from its RRP by 70% and turn the goods back into cash. All the items on KwikSales are limited both in terms of the time their available and the quantity, creating urgency and demand from the consumer.

For every
refreshing sip

This revolutionary water bottle delivers pure water in just 60 seconds. Using the wonders of UV light the bottle is able to neutralise 99.999% of harmful bacteria, and viruses from your drinking water. With over one million single use bottles thrown away every minute the AquaDrench bottle is also doing its bit for the environment. Fill the bottle with tap water, stream water it will be cleansed and ready to drink in just one minutes.

Pure Bliss

The handcrafted ceramic diffuser looks smart in any setting, this combined with our hard back aromatherapy book guiding you through which essential oil suits which mood, and our range of 14 essential oils makes this the perfect self-gift, or a great present for the lady in your life. Customers can buy additional oils, either individually or in packs of 14.