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Huddled Group plc is a pioneer in the development of innovative online brands.
It is powered by its proprietary Advanced Data Technology platform helping to drive growth at speed.

Huddled is able to harness a unique set of skills, from entrepreneurial insight, to deep data driven analytics, which combined with its online marketing skills give it an advantage in a highly competitive world.

Discount Dragon

Discount Dragon is a direct-to-consumer e-commerce business, which focuses pre-dominantly on the sale of dry groceries and beverages, selling surplus, short-dated, end of line, and mispackaged items at significant discounts to their retail price.

Over 9.5m tons of food goes to waste in the UK each year, much of it as a result of oversupply, mis-packaged goods or short-dated stock being rejected by the big Supermarkets. Virtually all of it is perfectly good to eat, yet it gets wasted.

Through a long-standing relationships with wholesalers and distributors Discount Dragon works with trusted global and UK brands to buy this stock at discounted prices, allowing it to pass on these savings whilst also reducing food waste and benefiting UK families.

With over 20,000 Trustpilot reviews – Rated ‘Excellent’ Discount Dragon is quickly becoming recognised as a leader in the online discount grocery sector.

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Born during Covid BeerMonster is a direct-to-consumer alcohol brand. It currently sits as part of the Discount Drago offering, a dedicated section where customers can discover craft beers, wines and spirits as discounted prices.

Thousands of litres of alcohol are thrown away each year, much of it due to over-supply. In a highly competitive consumer landscape it is difficult for brewers and distillers to predict drinking habits and trends and as such there is always a surplus of stock versus Supermarket demand.

The BeerMonster team are able to work with these brewers and distillers to give them a viable alternative to disposal. In doing this they’re able to save alcohol going waste and equally as important, drinkers the chance to make significant savings on their purchases.

Working with bonded warehouse partners the BeerMonster team are able to move quickly giving its alcohol producing partners quick decisions allowing them to free up valuable space and avoid wastage.

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Let’s Explore

The Let’s Explore VR range was originally born during Covid. From conception to product launch in under 8 weeks Let’s Explore Oceans was a testament to the team that worked on it. Delivering some £2m of sales in the final quarter of 2020 it quickly demonstrated there was a market for Immersive Learning products.

Following months of research and development the team have now gone on to produce three new products, a revamped Let’s Explore: Oceans, plus two brand new products; Let’s Explore: Wildlife, and Let’s Explore: Space. The Virtual Reality offering is powered by the users smartphone via a downloadable app. The Huddled tech team have developed a proprietary ‘gaze’ menu system meaning that the user can use gaze to start, stop, pause and select the VR experiences. This smart piece of technology means the user does not have to remove the headset between experiences making it very user friendly.

Each pack comes complete with the new improved smartphone-powered VR headset, a range of VR experiences, a holographic Augmented Reality cube, a full-colour hardback fact book, a sticker book, a giant poster, and an interactive model.

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Vodiac was born as a result of retailers wanting an affordable Virtual Reality headset powered by the users smartphone, complete with 80 Virtual Reality fun and educational experiences. The Virtual Reality technology used in the Vodiac smartphone app is exactly the same proprietary technology used by its bigger brother the Let’s Explore offering. This tech allows the user to use ‘gaze’ to start, stop, pause and select each VR experience.

With 80 experiences to choose from over seven channels; Adrenaline, Thrills, Wonders, Explore, Relaxation, Family and Documentaries the experiences have been selected to ensure there’s something for everyone, from meditation experiences to rollercoasters, Jurassic Safaris, to VR documentaries. With several hours of viewing this headset has been developed as an affordable entree to Virtual Reality.

Sold predominantly via QVC UK, USA, Canada and Australia, along with a number of selected retailers. (inc: Great Universal Stores, Airport Concessions, Hamleys, FAO Schwarz, MenKind).

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