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Waste isn’t waste until we waste it


Discount Dragon

Discount Dragon is a direct-to-consumer e-commerce business that specialises in offering significant discounts on branded FMCG dry groceries and beverages. Our focus is on selling surplus, mis-packaged, and close-to-expiry items, providing customers with great savings compared to full retail prices.


Nutricircle is dedicated to tackling food waste, which is currently putting a huge strain on our precious planet. Tons of healthy and nutritious snacks, drinks and treats which would’ve otherwise gone to waste, end up in our warehouse ready for you lovely people to get your hands on!




Working closely with manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors Huddled is able to stop surplus goods going to waste. Whether it be mispackaged goods, logistical challenges or goods nearing their Best Before Date we believe these items should be sold and used, NOT wasted.



Huddled is able to buy products destined for waste at a significant discount to their retail value. In doing this it is able, through its websites; Discount Dragon and Nutricircle, to offer these goods to its customers at heavily discounted prices.



Working closely with its partners Huddled is helping to reduce waste, as well as helping consumers to save money.


“We are dedicated to delivering great consumer value through innovation, efficiency and technology”

Our mission is to launch and cultivate innovative, hyper-relevant businesses that not only meet the evolving needs of our customers but also maximise shareholder value.

At Huddled we’re focused on delivering value. Value for customers, suppliers and shareholders. Our management team has over 40 years of experience, and a solid track record of launching, building and exiting businesses. With numerous exits, and seven flotations under our belt, we believe we have the requisite skills to navigate the challenges of modern day business and to build and deliver success.

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Q4 2023


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Discount Dragon & Nutricircle


Specialising in taking brands
direct-to-consumers globally

Our strategy is centred around continuous innovation, strategic investments, and cultivating strong partnerships.

Through strategic investment we have been able to help fledgling e-commerce sites, Discount Dragon and Nutricircle begin their journey in fulfilling their ambition; to deliver great value whilst reducing waste.

Following the acquisition into Huddled group we have deployed and developed a highly skilled customer acquisition team. A team focused on using data science to drive and optimise customer acquisition.

This combined with additional capital for stock, and warehousing functionality has allowed these businesses to grow, and grow fast.

Our continued investment into data, analytics and a team that can analyse and utilise this information is helping us drive better optimisation and improved Lifetime Values.

More sales equals more pounds saved for our customers and less waste for the planet.

“Our focus on saving consumers money, whilst helping manufacturers reduce waste is helping us create a truly circular economy business”.


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At Huddled we like to keep everyone updated with what’s happening, from industry news, to new product launches.

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