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“I ditched ASDA and Morrisons and found a little-known discount store selling 10p branded Easter eggs.”

As Easter is just over a weekend away, now is probably the best time to finish off buying all the chocolate eggs you need, before its too late and all of the good eggs are snapped up. If you’ve got a large family to buy for, you will know that Easter eggs aren’t as cheap as they used to be and the cost soon adds up, with even the small ones costing a couple of quid in the supermarket.

Luckily, we’ve stumbled across a website that offers branded chocolate eggs for pennies. In fact, the website is offering Nestlé Easter eggs for 10p.

At Morrisons, Asda and Ocado the Milkybar Egg Hunt Pack 8 White Chocolate Eggs come in at £3 And if you were to pop them in your shopping basket at Selfridges, a box would set you back a massive £5.99, a far cry from Discount Dragon’s 10p offering.

The Milkybar Egg Hunt 8 Pack is just what you need if you plan on spending your Easter Sunday scouring the garden for hidden chocolate eggs. Each box comes with eight individually wrapped miniature white chocolate eggs, you just need to find the perfect hiding spot.

That’s not the only discount to be had at Discount Dragon, either. Shoppers can pick up a Lindt Gold Bunny Milk 100g for £2.45, much cheaper than at Tesco (£3.50) and Asda (£3), Or you could pick up a smaller 50g version for just £1.35, saving 65p off the total RRP of £2.

If these aren’t to your fancy, how about a massive 1.8kg box of chocolates biscuits for less than £16? Amazon shoppers are snapping up the Cadbury and Oreo Big Biscuit Box which features 64 individually wrapped bars for just £15.79, making each sweet treat around 25p each.

The huge box, which typically retails for £21, features an assortment of Cadbury and Oreo biscuits, including Nibby Fingers, Snack! bars, Time Out wafers and Oreo twin packs. Shoppers have even left reviewing talking about how they didn’t realise just how much chocolate they were getting – which would be perfect for any Easter events you have planned, or just stashing away in your cupboard for a sweet treat now and again.