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A LITTLE- known discount supermarket is selling Nestle Easter eggs for just 10p.

Discount Dragon is an online retailer where you can pick up branded items for much less.

The retailer currently has a pack of eight Nestle Milkybar white chocolate Easter eggs for just 10p. Usually, the white chocolate treats retail for £3, so that means you are making a very decent saving of £2.90 with this deal. Shoppers have already been rushing to stock up on the chocs, one person wrote on social media they had got a “basket full” of the treats. Another person said: “Made my first order, these are perfect for my three little girls.”

While a third commented: “Ordered mine today, can’t wait for them to arrive!” Discount Dragon are an online retailer where customers can bag branded goods as massively discounted prices. Usually this is because they are nearing their best before date, the packaging is faulty, or sometimes the product is a limited edition that is no longer available in regular stores. Shoppers can pick up bargains on everything from food to garden essentials and childrens toys.

It is quite common to be able to pick up items for just pennies – like this deal on Nestle Easter eggs. In January, the retailer was selling Whiskas cat food pouches for just 1p, which were usually priced at £3.

There is a special section on the website where you can check out the latest deals, and also what is priced at under £2. Some of the comments on social media have been from people worried about ordering from a company they are not familiar with.

“I really want to order but I am just too nervous, are they legit?”

The answer to this is yes, the company comes Trustpilot verified, which means customers have had a genuine experience with the retailer and it’s legitimate.

It also comes with a 4.8 out of five-star rating on the review website, with thousands of people giving it five stars.
Many of the five-star reviews note the high standard of customer service and speedy delivery, which comes for free on orders of £25 or more.

The minimum order value is £25, however there are sometimes promotions on certain products which do not require this, so keep your eyes peeled.

Is it always cheaper than other supermarkets?

We always recommend shopping around before spending your hard earned cash. You can use comparisons sites such as to compare the online prices across different retailers. Google Shopping is also a good place to price check and find out how much things are going for elsewhere.

Bear in mind that there could also be different offers in a physical store too. We checked out a couple of the items selling on the Discount Dragon website to see how they compare to other retailers. It is currently selling 400g tins of Heinz Spaghetti with sausages in tomato for £1.19 instead of £2.

That makes it cheaper per tin than B&M, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, among other retailers. However, Asda is selling five tins for £5, a cheaper deal per tin than Discount Dragon. Plus Discount Dragon is selling 24 cans of Diet Coke for £8,99, whereas Asda is selling the same size pack for £10.75. However, Asda has a 3 for £24 offer on, which means that if you are willing to bulk buy, it works out slightly cheaper than Discount Dragon.

Also bear in mind that if you only a few things it could be worth going to your local supermarket, rather than trying to meet a minimum delivery requirement. It is a false economy if you are just filling up your online basket with things you don’t need, in order to reach the £25 minimum spend.

Is there anything similar out there?

Yes, there are other supermarkets and companies that sell discounted items. Approved Food is another online shop offering consumers products beyond their “best before” dates and at discounted prices. There are also social supermarkets where people struggling with the cost of living can get cheaper food and non-food items.

Your Local Pantry, Community Grocery, Community Shop and Company Shop all offer discounted food and essentials for people on low incomes.

Meanwhile you can also use apps such as Too Good to Go where you can purchase food from restaurants, cafes, shops and supermarkets that would otherwise go to waste.

It is easy to use, you just need to download the app and set your location and it will start bringing up nearby stores listing their food at a reduced price.