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Huddled has partnered up with Australian TV shopping channel TVSN to launch Vodiac down under.

Vodiac, the cutting-edge smartphone-powered virtual reality (VR) headset, made a resounding debut on Australian TV screens this weekend, November 4th and 5th, through a strategic partnership with TV shopping channel TVSN. The Vodiac VR headset quickly became the star of the show, with a jaw-dropping “sell-out” response from Australian viewers within hours of its televised launch.

Huddled, the company behind Vodiac, is expanding its global reach by partnering with TVSN for an exclusive launch in Australia. This collaboration marks the beginning of a series of appearances featuring Vodiac on shopping channels around the world. Presenters David Strang and James Murden enthusiastically presented the Vodiac headset during their engaging segments, explaining its unique features and capabilities to their Australian audience.

The Vodiac VR headset was showcased as TVSN’s “Today’s Special Offer,” a coveted slot on the channel that highlights select products known for their innovative design and exceptional value. David Strang and James Murden engaged in live demonstrations and provided an in-depth overview of Vodiac’s immersive VR experience. They emphasised the device’s compatibility with smartphones, making high-quality virtual reality accessible to a wider audience.

The response from Australian viewers was nothing short of astonishing. Within hours of going on air, TVSN had to announce a “sell out” of the entire 3,000 units available for purchase during the Vodiac showcase. The incredible demand for Vodiac exceeded all expectations, leaving many potential customers eager to get their hands on this state-of-the-art VR headset.

Huddled is planning a series of international appearances with David Strang and James Murden, who will be jetting around the globe to introduce Vodiac to audiences in the United States and Canada before returning to the United Kingdom to present the product on QVC UK. This extensive promotional tour underscores the company’s commitment to making Vodiac a global sensation.

Vodiac has already garnered significant attention for its advanced VR technology and user-friendly design. The headset, which leverages the processing power of smartphones, offers an immersive VR experience without the need for a standalone console or computer. Users can enjoy 360-degree videos, virtual tours, and engaging games with just their smartphone and the Vodiac headset.

The collaboration with TVSN has further solidified Vodiac’s position as a breakthrough product in the world of virtual reality. The “sell-out” response on the Australian shopping channel is a testament to the headset’s widespread appeal and the enthusiasm of Australian consumers for cutting-edge technology.

Vodiac’s journey from the UK to Australia, the USA, Canada, and back home again is set to captivate audiences worldwide and is an exciting step forward for the world of virtual reality. As the partnership between Huddled and TVSN continues to flourish, it’s clear that Vodiac is well on its way to becoming a household name in the world of immersive experiences.